Gore Physiotherapy Centre
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At Gore Physiotherapy we have a fantastic team dedicated to assisting your recovery. We have two clinics; one in Gore Monday – Friday and our Tapanui clinic operates on a Wednesday at the West Otago Medical Centre. Call us on 032085500 or come into see the team to make your appointment.

Physiotherapy is a health care profession that evaluates and improves movement and function of the body when affected by injury, aging, disease or environmental factors.
A Physio will use their in-depth knowledge of how the body works, combined with hand-on clinical skills, to asses, diagnose and treat your symptoms. They can even help you prevent many injuries and heath conditions.

Assessment consists of a 30 minute session where we take a thorough history and examination. Once a clear diagnosis has been established and we have identified how your problem affects your life we can establish a treatment plan to help achieve your goals. Included in assessment is education and advice on what is causing your problem, what treatments will benefit you, how many sessions you may need and the costs involved.

Gore Physiotherapy Centre is an Accredited Physiotherapy Practice. We have met the New Zealand Physiotherapy Accreditation Scheme's Quality Standards. These standards are endorsed by ACC. Accredited practices, are invited to belong to the ACC endorsed Provider network.

What this means for you is your Physiotherapy treatment is of the highest quality.

Gore physiotherapy Centre Services include;
• Manual Therapy
• Sports Physiotherapy
• Spinal and Peripheral Joint Rehabilitation
• Orthopaedic, Pre & Post - surgery
• Work Place Assessments and injury management
• Vocational Rehabilitation including graduated return to work, functional rehabilitation
• Training for Independence programmes
• Complex pain programmes
• Gymnasium Strengthening and conditioning programmes
• Gym strengthening and conditioning post stroke
• Posture Analysis and Advice
• Acupuncture
• Formthotic fitting and adjustment
• Strapping and provision of braces
• Injury Prevention advice and education
• Treatment of hyperventilation syndrome

How to access our service:
• Self referral (you may come to us of your own accord)
• G.P. referral
• Any other health professional
• Specialist referral
• ACC referral
NB: If you have been referred by your GP he/she will remain your primary health provider

How to Access ACC Funded Treatment:

You must have suffered an incident, accident or injury. Your injury does not have to be work related. Injuries at sport, and in or around your home are also accepted, and covered by ACC
You can fill in an ACC form at Gore Physiotherapy Centre, if you have "self referred" to us
Our team is committed to delivering a Physiotherapy service, of highest standards, and will aim to;
• Meet the community needs
• Provide a service that has established standards of ethical practice
• Keeping up with continuing education programmes
• Provide an understanding of the scope and value of physiotherapy
• Work with other disciplines to enhance the health service
• Assist clients to return to their maximum level of function in the minimum amount of time